"Peony Dream"

"Peony Dream"


A bold floral statement tattoo that you can wear as a sleeve or cover large areas of skin such as back and chest. 




Have fun with our illustrated temporary tattoo flash sheets - you can cut out separate elements and apply them wherever and however you like.


For best results, use plenty of water and apply to clean, oil-free skin.


If you are not using the tattoos straight away, keep them sealed in the original packaging in a dry place.


The tattoos will last 2-4 days on average. To prolong your tattoo life, place it on the areas where your skin doesn't get much action from stretching or clothes rubbing and be gentle to it.


These temporary tattoos are safe and non-toxic. 


  • FORMAT A5 | 14.7 x 21 CM
    1. Cut out your chosen tattoo and remove clear top sheet.
    2. Press tattoo onto clean, dry skin with the design facing down.
    3. Dampen tattoo, and press down.
    4. Wait 30 seconds, then slide paper backer off and pat dry.
    5. Congratulations, you are fabulous!

    Remove your tattoos any time by rubbing them off or taking them off with sticky tape.


    Tattoos are printed in a semi-translucent ink, and the final colours will vary depending on your skin tone.

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